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A Day of Transformation at Body Concept Gym

Back to wall racks with integrated storage

Elevating the Member Experience

Body Concept gym, under the ownership of Rod Price, embarked on a mission to elevate its member experience. Located in Norfolk, this independent gym, known for its popularity, was already a staple. However, Rod, with a commitment to continuous improvement, sought to make it not just appealing to new members but also to retain its existing user base.

The Vision Unveiled

Rod's vision was clear — a unique and dedicated lifting area. The goal was to add value by introducing two compact racks with integrated storage and oak platform lifting areas. The aim was not only to attract attention but to provide that undeniable "wow factor" for every member walking into the new space.

Complementing Features

Yellow Rack AccessoriesThe emphasis was on providing quality equipment that aligns with the gym's brand identity, a striking black and yellow colour scheme, meaning rack accessories received a vibrant yellow secondary paint finish. To complement the newly introduced racks, Rod also decided to invest in new sets of competition specification Pullum discs and bars.

Beyond the Racks

The transformation went beyond the racks. Rod identified an opportunity to enhance the overall workout environment. An area of flooring was revamped by laying Pullum rubber gym floor tiles. The choice wasn't just about durability and functionality, but also added a seamless blend of aesthetics to the entire space.

Commercial Gym Flooring being laidCommercial gym flooring with back to wall racks semi built

Side shot of Pullum rack and discsCompleted lifting area at Body Concept Gym

Efficiency in Action

Pullum efficiently executed the entire renovation in just one day. This not only showcased our commitment to overdelivering on promises but left both Rod and the members delighted with the rapid and impressive results.

A Lasting Partnership

As we reflect on this transformative project, we anticipate a lasting partnership with Body Concept, committed to supporting its ongoing success. At Pullum, we understand that every enhancement contributes to creating a fitness space that not only meets but exceeds all expectations.

"I’m very happy with the outcome, actually surpassed my expectations. Please thank Andy and Ivan, they did a top job. I will definitely be coming back to you when we need anything else. Thanks again

Matt X - Role

Another Pullum Powered triumph. Contact our team today to explore how we can help you transform your facility or training space.

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