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John Colet School - New Gym

Space Saving Racks with Pullum Weight Discs

Setting the Stage for Physical Fitness Excellence

John Colet School in Wendover recently secured funds for the development of a brand-new gym and multifunctional dance studio. This exciting project aimed to enhance the school's physical education offerings and provide a versatile training space for various school teams. Additionally, it sought to introduce students of all ages to the fundamentals of strength and conditioning, aligning with the requirements of the GCSE PE course.

Partnering for Success

Pullum was selected to collaborate with the school's PE department to establish project priorities and dive into the specifics of gym flooring, layout and design. The overarching goal was to create a space that not only met the educational needs but also fostered a positive and engaging environment for physical activity.

Maximising Efficiency with Space-Saving Solutions

Space saving racks being installedKey to this project was the implementation of three space saving racks with integrated platforms. Leveraging our flexible solutions, we utilised an alcove area to seamlessly integrate a dedicated lifting zone. To enhance safety and control, our bespoke platform mats were installed, these are designed to minimise bounce and keep vibrations under control.

Providing Tools for Diverse Training Needs

We also supplied John Colet School with a Dual Adjustable Pulley and Combination Lat Pulldown/Low Row machines. These versatile pieces of equipment serve as excellent tools for newcomers to the gym environment while offering a broad range of exercise possibilities, all from just two machines.

In addition, we installed Rowers, SKIErg, Assualt bike and an Upright bike , ensuring that students of all fitness levels can train safely and effectively. The design had to incorporate enough equipment for a class session which needed to include space for warm-up and stretches.

Gym Machines installedDual adjustable pulley

Pullum soft plyo boxesDumbbells from Pullum installed in school gym

Adding a Personal Touch with Custom Branding

To further enhance the facility's functionality and aesthetics, we installed soft plyo boxes, Flat and Incline Benches customised with the school's logo, and an array of functional fitness equipment, including dumbbells and suspension trainers. Foam rollers were added to complement the training options, promoting recovery and flexibility.

School gym install by Pullum

Looking Ahead to the Positive Effects of the New Gym

At Pullum, we take pride in our role in creating spaces that inspire physical activity and learning in all age ranges. The John Colet School project exemplifies our commitment to providing tailored fitness solutions that cater to the unique needs of educational institutions. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact of this facility on the school's students and athletic programs.

Testimonial from Matt/OAWLC

Matt X - Role

Another Pullum Powered triumph. Contact our team today to explore how we can help you transform your facility or training space.

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John Colet School - New Gym