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University of Birmingham Sport - The Big Refresh

Pullum Back-to-back half racks

Maximising Capacity and Modernising the Look

University of Birmingham Sport recognised the need to expand their free weight lifting gym capacity while breathing new life into its aesthetics. They sought creative solutions that would provide them with the most lifting stations possible within the available gym space.

An Initial Partnership with Pullum

In 2015, when their new Sports Centre was unveiled, Pullum joined forces with University of Birmingham Sport to install 9 lifting stations. The challenge in 2023 was how to enhance capacity within the same spatial constraints.

Leveraging Pullum's expertise, a custom solution was devised using our back-to-back Half Racks. This allowed for the incorporation of 12 stations along one side of the gym, all while preserving space for 5 larger platforms dedicated to full Olympic Lifts.

University gym design and install

Seizing the Summer Break Opportunity

Gym flooring installed by PullumAs is customary in university settings, the window for transformative change occurred during the slower summer break. However, this endeavour carried an extra layer of complexity: the removal and reinstallation of over 300 square meters of gym flooring, an operation executed with precision.

The Result: A Gym That Wows

The revamped free weights gym leaves a lasting impression. Abundant chin and suspension training stations beckon fitness enthusiasts. A couple 3 bar wings offer overhead climbing challenges and the carefully chosen mix of high density rubber mats not only define drop zones but also delineate safe walkways ensuring a seamless and secure workout experience for all. 

University of Birmingham Sport's gym now shows what can be achieved when capacity meets creativity!

Gym flooring being renewedMultiple gym racks manufactured by Pullum

Pullum rack and branded platformPullum racks, bars, discs and lifting platforms

University gym design & install by Pullum

Rising To The Occasion

We love a challenge, and we're proud to say we rose to the occasion, finding innovative solutions to maximise space without compromising functionality.

Another Pullum Powered triumph, this project adds to Pullum's legacy of excellence in crafting state-of-the-art fitness spaces. Contact our team today to explore how we can help you transform your facility or training space.

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