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The Evolution of Orkney Amateur Weightlifting Club

Orkney Amateur Weightlifting Club Gym Kit by Pullum

Transformation of Underused Squash Club into a First Class Training Space

Orkney Amateur Weight Lifting Club recognised the untapped potential of an underused squash club and envisioned creating a state-of-the-art training facility that would benefit their members and the local community. To bring their vision to life they turned to Pullum, a renowned name in weightlifting.

Challenges and Solutions

The project presented several challenges that needed to be addressed. The existing space required a complete transformation to accommodate the unique needs of weight training. The gym design had to optimise the available area while ensuring safety, functionality and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the equipment selection needed to align with the club's aspirations of potentially hosting competitions and serving a diverse range of athletes.

Strategic Planning for a Remote Installation

Pullum team view out of plane window to Orkney IslandsThe dedicated logistics and install team from Pullum pulled out all the stops to ensure a smooth installation process on the picturesque Orkney Islands. Meticulous planning and proactive measures were crucial being so far away from base, ensuring that all necessary equipment and materials were shipped well in advance. This preparation eliminated any surprises upon the team's arrival, in fact, they even had the opportunity for some sight-seeing around this stunning Island.
Pullum team sightseeing Orkney Islands

Maximising Space with Clever Design

Pullum utilised innovative design strategies to integrate an impressive amount of gym equipment within the confines of one single squash court. Our ingenious approach allowed us to seamlessly incorporate:
Five dedicated weightlifting training stations
Para Powerlifting station
Power Rack for bench training

Additionally, we added a Peg Board and leveraged the available balcony area, to expand the weightlifting facility's offerings; dumbbells, a Lat Pulldown station, Glute/Ham Bench and a Dual Adjustable Pulley to add that extra dimension to this training facility.

Downstairs before shot at Orkney Amateur Weightlifting ClubDownstairs after shot at Orkney Amateur Weightlifting Club

Pullum gym bench at Orkney Amateur Weightlifting ClubPullum gym equipment at Orkney Amateur Weightlifting Club

Collaboration and Expertise

Pullum, with their wealth of experience in gym design, stepped in to guide Orkney Amateur Weight Lifting Club throughout the project. After countless design iterations and equipment discussions, we worked hand in hand to create a truly exceptional training space that surpasses all expectations as we hope you'll agree.

Orkney Amateur Weightlifting Club gym equipment supplied and installed by Pullum

The Doors Are Open

As the exclusive partner of Orkney Amateur Weight Lifting Club, Pullum are very proud to have played a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life. With the doors of this magnificent facility now open, we invite all members of the Orkney community to experience an exceptional training environment years in the making.

Testimonial from Matt/OAWLC

Matt X - Role

Another Pullum Powered triumph. Contact our team today to explore how we can help you transform your facility or training space.

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