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Guide to Resistance & Workout Bands

Pullum Sports resistance bands

Pullum resistance band attached to power rack band pegResistance bands, also known as workout bands, have become indispensable in strength training. As the strength sports specialists our resistance bands quickly gained popularity due to their quality, durability and price; Available in various forms and designs, their primary purpose is to add resistance to your workouts.

Resistance bands are typically made from latex but can also be constructed from fabric. Pullum resistance bands are made from premium latex rubber, guaranteeing durability and reliability for all your training requirements. They are available in a range of strengths and lengths, including the most popular; 41 inches, 19 inches, and 13 inches - All providing greater resistance as they stretch further.

  41" 19" 13"
Mini 20lbs / 9kg 20lbs / 9kg 18lbs / 8kg
Super-Mini 50lbs / 23kg 30lbs / 14kg 26lbs / 12kg
Small 80lbs / 36kg 45lbs / 20kg 40lbs / 18kg
Medium 120lbs / 55kg 60lbs / 27kg
Large 150lbs / 68kg 75lbs / 34kg
XLarge 175lbs / 80kg
Monster 200lbs / 91kg


Some common types of resistance bands include:
Looped resistance bands: These bands are pre-looped and are primarily used in resistance band workouts. They can be used alone to add resistance to exercises or combined with weights by looping them around a resistance band peg or bar to intensify resistance at the end of the range of motion.

Mini resistance bands: Smaller versions of looped resistance bands, mini bands are perfect for exercises where the band is looped around the ankles or knees, such as squats with resistance bands.

Fabric resistance bands: Similar to mini bands, fabric resistance bands are made of fabric instead of latex. They are ideal for exercises where the band is positioned around your legs, offering greater comfort and exerting less pull on the skin.

Pullum resistance bands are not just for weightlifting and powerlifting, they can also be used for speed and agility training, jumping, aerobics, stretching, general conditioning, rehabilitation, and the list goes on. The bands can also be used in conjunction with accessories such as band handles and band chain attachments. The resistance bands come in different lengths, widths and thicknesses, which determines their pound resistance.

A variety of Pullum resistance bands on a gym floor

Benefits of Using Resistance Bands:

Resistance bands offer a unique workout experience, providing several distinct benefits and advantages. Despite being affordable, they are incredibly effective and versatile.

Enhances Strength Training: Research shows that resistance bands can yield similar strength gains as traditional gym equipment like free weights and machines. Muscles respond well to resistance band training, making them an excellent option for building strength and muscle mass.

Improves Mobility: Unlike traditional equipment that provides resistance primarily in one direction, resistance bands offer resistance in all planes of movement. This multidimensional resistance enhances muscle activation and mimics real-life movements more effectively, improving your overall mobility and flexibility.

Increases Coordination: Using resistance bands requires control and stability, which can enhance your form, balance, and coordination. By engaging stabiliser muscles and challenging your coordination, resistance bands can help improve overall body control and movement efficiency.

Budget-Friendly Option: Resistance bands are affordable and cost significantly less than a monthly gym membership. Additionally, they require minimal space for storage and can be easily transported, making them a cost-effective and convenient solution.

Reduces Injury Risk: Compared to traditional exercise equipment, resistance bands pose a lower risk of injury. They activate stabiliser muscles, reduce pressure on joints, and have a limited stretch capacity, minimising the risk of overextending muscles or joints. Resistance bands are also user-friendly and simple to incorporate into exercises, making them suitable for individuals of all fitness levels.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, incorporating resistance bands into your workout routine can add variety, challenge, and effectiveness to your exercises.

Resistance Band Sets

Our Resistance band sets offer a convenient and versatile solution tailored to your training needs. These sets typically include a variety of bands with different resistance levels, allowing you to customise your workouts and progress as you build strength and endurance.

Pullum Stretch Resistance Band Set
Designed to enhance your flexibility and mobility, this set includes one 41" Mini (Plain), one 13" Mini (Red), and one Compression Band, offering a comprehensive range of resistance options to support your training goals. The Stretch Set is perfect for anyone looking to increase their flexibility and improve overall mobility.

Pullum Strength Resistance Band Set
Tailored to enhance your strength training program. This comprehensive set comprises one of each of the following bands: 41" Small (Blue), 19" Small (Purple), and 13" Medium (Green). Ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their strength or introduce diversity into their workout routines.

Pullum Athletic Resistance Band Set
Designed to elevate your athletic performance. This set includes pairs of 41" Super Mini (Red), 41" Small (Blue), and 41" Medium (Green) resistance bands, providing a total of 6 bands to cater to your training needs. Whether you're focusing on strength, agility, or endurance, the Athletic Set offers versatile resistance options to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Pullum Assisted Pull-up Resistance Band Set
Designed to support your pull-up training. We understand that individual fitness levels vary, making it challenging to recommend a single band. As your pull-up strength progresses, your reliance on band assistance diminishes. To accommodate diverse needs, our Assisted Pull-up Band Set includes one of each of the following bands: 41" Small (Blue), 41" Medium (Green), and 41" Large (Black). This set is tailored to meet both current and future training requirements, making it an ideal choice for CrossFit training and traditional assisted pull-ups alike.

Pullum Advanced Resistance Band Set
Specially curated to elevate your training to the next level. This set includes pairs of two key bands: 41" Large (Black) and 41" XL (Orange), totaling four bands.

Pullum Speed Resistance Band Set
Designed to enhance your speed and agility training. This set includes one of each of the 74" Small (Teal) and 74" Medium (Maroon) bands, offering versatility and effectiveness for sprint training. Whether you're a sprinter looking to boost your speed or an athlete seeking to add variety to your workouts, this set will accelerate your performance.

Pullum Train at Home Resistance Band and Door Anchor Set
Elevate your home workout experience, this set includes:
1 x 41" Mini Resistance Band (Plain)
1 x 41" Super Mini Resistance Band (Red)
1 Pack of 5, 10" Exercise Band Loops
1 x Pullum Heavy Duty Door Anchor

With this set, you can enjoy a versatile and effective workout routine from the comfort of your home. Whether you're looking to build strength, improve flexibility, or enhance muscle tone, this has everything you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Pullum Resistance Tube Set with accessories
This high-quality set includes:
Extra light yellow tube (5 pounds or 2.3kg of resistance)
Light red tube (10 pounds or 4.5kg of resistance)
Medium green tube (15 pounds or 6.8kg of resistance)
Heavy blue tube (20 pounds or 9kg of resistance)
Extra heavy black tube (25 pounds or 11.4kg of resistance)

With individual clips for each tube, you can easily combine them to achieve different resistance levels, providing a total combined resistance of 75 pounds or 34kg. The set also includes two wrist/ankle straps, two handles with comfort grip, a door anchor for versatile attachment options, and a convenient carry case for easy transportation while traveling.

Pullum Resistance Tubes
Available in four levels to accommodate varying fitness levels:
Level 1: Beginner (Yellow)
Level 2: Intermediate (Red)
Level 3: Professional (Blue)
Level 4: Advanced (Black)

Resistance Band Accessories
Further enhance your resistance band workouts with our premium selection of accessories. From the ergonomic and durable design of the Pullum Resistance Band Handle or Baraban Handle, to the Pullum Flex Band Handle and Pullum Carabiner Band Handle which ensures quick and secure attachment. We also offer our Band/Chain Attachment and Iron Woody Fitness Band Gripz to truly customise your workout experience.

Baraban resistance band handle in use while training outsideJessica Ennis-Hill using resistance bands in Pullum garage gym


How to Store & Maintain Resistance Bands

It's important to note that latex is an organic material that may degrade over time. To maintain the longevity of your bands and prevent injury, here are some essential guidelines:

• Check the bands for signs of excessive wear or damage before each use.
• Attach the bands securely and appropriately for their intended use, away from sharp edges.
• Store the bands in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, chemicals, or sharp objects, and avoid leaving them under tension when not in use.

• Wrap the bands around any body part, as this can cause serious injury.
• Attach the bands where they may become damaged or exposed to excessive wear.
• Overload the bands beyond their recommended capacity, as indicated in the provided chart.

Resistance Bands: Q&A

Do resistance bands actually work?
Absolutely. A meta-analysis of eight studies revealed that resistance band workouts are as effective as traditional resistance training with free weights or machines. The authors concluded that elastic resistance training can yield comparable strength gains across various populations and training protocols. In simple terms, resistance band workouts are equally effective as dumbbell exercises and are suitable for a wider range of individuals.

What type of resistance band is best?
To build strength, opt for a thicker, higher resistance band and focus on lower reps. For muscle building, choose a medium resistance band and aim for around 10 to 12 reps with minimal rest between your sets.

What exercises can you do with resistance bands?
Resistance bands offer versatility, allowing you to perform a wide range of exercises typically done with traditional weights such as dumbbells. By using a door anchor, you can simulate cable machine exercises like pull-downs and chest presses. Additionally, resistance bands can adjust the difficulty level of body-weight exercises, making them either easier or more challenging.

Should I buy long or short resistance bands?
Take into account the exercises you intend to include in your workout program. Different exercises call for different band lengths and sizes. Longer bands are well-suited for full-body workouts, whereas shorter ones are better for targeting specific muscle groups.

If you need further help choosing Resistance Bands, please contact us. We'll be happy to help.

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