Pullum Assisted Pull-up Resistance Band Set

Pullum Assisted Pull-up Resistance Band Set

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Which band is best for Assisted Pull-Ups?  
There are simply too many personal variables to recommend just one band.  As your pull-up strength increases, your need for band assistance decreases.  So as a general rule of thumb, we suggest customers purchase our Assisted Pull-Up Package for use with Crossfit Training, or typical assisted pull-ups.

From experience we have found that this fits the present and future needs of most pull-up training, depending upon one's current fitness level.

The Assisted Pull-up Band Set includes one of each of 41" Small (Blue), 41" Medium (Green) and 41" Large (Black) bands, not pairs of bands.

Please read our Pullum Resistance Band Guidelines for a summary of the does and dont's.

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