• Pullum 13" Resistance Bands
  • Pullum 13" Resistance Bands

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    Special Offer - The second band (in a pair) is less than HALF-PRICE. 

    Our 13” bands come in five separate levels of resistance.  This allows for both a progression in rehabilitation plus athletic endeavours.  These bands can also be used for powerlifting applications, including lockouts, deadlifts and other short stroke training techniques.  In addition they can be connected to a regular 41” band in the case of taller individuals needing a longer loop.

    Seamless latex rubber constructed in layers to prevent breakage, Pullum bands have a 1year warranty from the date of purchase.  We will cover any manufacturing defect as long as they haven't been misused and abused.

    Please read our Pullum Resistance Band Guidelines for a summary of the does and don'ts.

    Mini (Red):   5-20 lbs (13mm wide)
    Super Mini (Black):   10-30 lbs (25mm wide)
    Small (Purple):   15-45 lbs (32mm wide)
    Medium (Green):   25-60 lbs (50mm wide)
    Large (Blue):   30-75 lbs (63mm wide)

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