Wahlander Powerlifting Belt - Soft


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Newly developed belt mainly for those who have less than 80 cm in waist measurements and adapted so as not to press on the ribs and hips. Leather power lifting belt. SOFT IPF competition approved. Very popular! Wahlander's best selling belt for squats and deadlifts. 11-13mm thick with 11 pairs of holes with about 30cm from the first pair of holes to the last. Moccasin on the inside of the belt.  

· Eleven pairs of holes.
· Thickness: 11-13 mm.
· IPF approved both nationally and internationally.
· One year warranty.

 Size Waist
XS 55 cm to 75 cm
Small 60 cm to 85 cm
Medium 70 cm to 95 cm
Large 80 cm to 105 cm

Please watch the below video to see how to put your belt on properly.

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