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Titans new IPF approved powerlifting metal discs.

The sculpted design and and tight tolerances give these plates a distinctive look and feel. The raised lip makes the discs earier to grip for loading and unloading and the auto grade polymer paint in the two tone look will ensure these plates stand out from the rest.

High quality steel and iron allows Titex to provide a lifetime warranty against breakage and metal chipping! (The warranty covers normal use and excludes wear and tear and the paint chipping)

Titex's slim line IPF approved metal powerlifting discs.

0.25kg -  Brushed Silver 104mm diameter
0.5kg - Brushed Silver 136mm diameter
1.25kg - Black 160mm diameter
2.5kg - Orange 190mm diameter
5kg - Purple 228mm diameter
10kg - Green/Black 320mm diameter
15kg - Yellow/Black 390mm diameter
20kg - Blue/Black 450mm diameter
25kg - Red/Black 450mm diameter

Priced per disc.

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