Titan Super Ram


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Super Ram – intended for lifters in unlimited, multi-ply federations.

The Super Ram is a tougher, stronger version of our instant classic bench training device, The Ram. 

One solid chest panel, not pieced together, which generates more power and increases durability.

Chest panel lays completely flat on chest at all times to help generate more power and control. 

Exactly mimics our revolutionary 90 degree sleeve angle bench shirt design.

Made in the USA with materials especially designed for The Ram.

Size Chest Size Weight Class
Small 32" to 36" 52kg to 60kg
Medium 38" to 42" 67.5kg to 82.5kg
Large 44" to 48" 90kg to 110kg
XL 50" to 54" 120kg to 140kg
2XL 56" to 60" 150kg to 170kg

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