Titan Magnum Ram


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Introducing the newest and most revolutionized Powerlifting aid from the United States. The Magnum Ram is the strongest and most durable Bench Press aid on the market.

Titan Support Systems designed the Magnum Ram with two main aims … improving Power and Therapeutic response.

The Magnum Ram is made with a patent pending rubber that has the strongest elasticity to create the strongest stretch and rebound to assist in your overloading and rehabilitation phases.

The Magnum Ram will assist the lifter in maintaining perfect form, while reducing any stress to your shoulders, rotator cuff, and pectoral muscles.

If you need support for that big bench or just need to protect your shoulders and pec, order your Magnum Ram now.

Design Patent USD7482095
Utility Patent Pending
Size Chest Size Weight Class
Small 32" to 36" 52kg to 60kg
Medium 38" to 42" 67.5kg to 82.5kg
Large 44" to 48" 90kg to 110kg
XL 50" to 54" 120kg to 140kg
2XL 56" to 60" 150kg to 170kg

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