Titan Deadlift Socks


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FOR EXPLOSIVE PERFORMANCE –Powerful Knee-High Deadlift Socks bring you an advanced footwear solution with gym-ready flare. Breathable, tight-knit, offering support and featuring a smooth surface, these socks are truly performance-ready.

TIGHT YET BREATHABLE – The Powerful Knee-High Deadlift Socks are tightly woven and super stretchy, offering a superior compression that promotes circulation. But with reciprocated heel and toe ventilated mesh tops, they’re also completely breathable.

ADVANCED SUPPORT – Ready for explosive performance? These socks feature serious arch support as well as Achilles Tendon cushion, which helps prevent injuries in concern areas, and are knee-high for full coverage.

KNEE HIGH FOR DEAD LIFTS – Sick of banging your shins when performing power movements such as deadlifts, cleans, and snatches? So are we. That’s why we are introducing a performance sock with enough length to provide a smooth surface that doesn’t snag like skin.

 Size UK Shoe Size
Small 12.5 to 2.5
Medium 1.5 to 6.5
Large 6.5 to 10.5
XL 10.5 to 13.5

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