Titan Centurion Squat Suit


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Titan don’t look for the best powerlifting materials and support systems in the world, we create them.

Constructed from NXG Super Plus - the strongest, heaviest fabric in the lifting world, created by Titan specifically for powerlifting - the Centurion doesn’t pull any punches.

But we didn’t stop there.

Titan have also included there patented built in harness system. The 3cm seams create an anatomically precise harness system for extra support and bigger squats.

Not enough? How about state of the art, hi-tech, hi-tensile strength threads that hold incredible loads - up to 10 kg of weight per single looped thread.

Then Titan put that thread to use by incorporating more stitching per square inch than any other suit in the lifting world.

This suit’s the real deal! Backed by the most outrageous product performance guarantee in the business.

2 years on blowouts and 1.5 years on runners.

Have a look at our Titan Suit & Brief Sizing Guide to make sure that you choose the right size suit.

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