Titan Centurion Briefs

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Based on our patented legendary Centurion squat suit, these briefs feature a 3 cm harness system that mirrors the Centurion's own harness system. Constructed from our exclusive stock of NXG Super Plus fabric, these briefs feature a legless design with a high cut waist that can either be folded over or trimmed to personal needs. (Check with your federation for determination of legality).

Backed by the most outrageous product performance guarantee in the business: 1 year on blowouts and 1 1/2 years on runners!

All Titan briefs now offer optional loops on the back for an additional charge. These loops are designed to fit over any bar sleeve or hooks on a squat rack to help lifters get the briefs on easier. (Check with your federation for determination of legality).


Temporary price increase due to tariff increases for goods from the U.S.A.

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