Spud Strongman Stone Strap


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Spud Inc designed the stone strap for people that are in between stones and for people that want to train the big stones. The stone strap is easy to use and can offer a huge training benefit by building muscle memory on the big stones.

Stuck in between atlas stones? There’s nothing more frustrating than missing the next stone just because you can’t quite lap it. The Spud Inc. Strongman Stone Strap lets you get in that overload training by helping out with the lap and leaving the place all to you.

Just cradle the stone with the Stone Strap, lap it, then ditch the strap and go for the place. The stone strap lets you get in that extra weight and helps build muscle memory along the way.

But the Stone Strap can be used for plenty of other strongman exercise – from pulling to the chain and more!


– Made in America

– Woven Nylon

– 24″x8″

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