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The Bowtie by Spud Inc. is the answer to maintaining superior posture in and out of the gym. By compressing the shoulders and lats, the Bowtie trains proper back positioning while lifting, negates slouching during the workday and reduces pain in the chest and shoulders.

The Casual Bowtie is lighter than the formal and is perfect for wearing for longer periods of time, such as while working at your desk than the Formal Bowtie. It’s also excellent for those seeking less support than the Formal Bowtie.

To find your size please do the following:
Men: With a shirt on and your arms down at your sides you will need to measure the circumference around the widest part of your chest/shoulders/back. This measurement is taken on the outside of your shirt. This number, divided in half, will show you where in the size chart you will fall.
Women: With a shirt on you will need to measure under your armpits the circumference of your upper chest/back. This number divided in half will show you where in the size chart you will fall.


XS: 15” (100-125lbs)

Small: 18” (125 – 150lbs)

Medium: 22” (150 – 185lbs)

Large: 24.5” (185 – 225lbs)

XL: 27” (225 – 260lbs)

XXL: 29” (260-275lbs)

3XL: 30” (275 – 300lbs)

4XL: 33” (310+ lbs)

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