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Certain activities can put a strain on the elbow joint, for instance heavy lifting. This may lead to muscle tears, inflammation and a host of other problems, something disruptive to both to your training schedule and everyday routine.

The Rehband Rx Elbow Support is a versatile product which provides strong support for heavy workouts, or pain relief if you are injured.

Featuring a unique patented anatomic construction, the shape allows the support to follow your body’s motions, guiding your muscles towards strength instead of injury. The Rx Elbow Support will encourage your body to move correctly, without limiting muscle development around your elbow.

Stability, Compression and Warmth
The multi-functional support delivers a combination of stability, compression and warmth.

Stability offers a feeling of safety, making you feel more comfortable, both physically and mentally
Compression prevents injuries and increases your muscle memory of how to move correctly
Warmth further protects your joints and soft tissues from injury
Together, these elements improve your performance capability and allow you to take your training to the next level.

Why Choose Rehband Rx?
The Rx Elbow Support is a classified medical device and, as such, really works to improve your safety whilst heavy lifting. The support has been developed by a team of dedicated textile engineers and researchers, combining outstanding performance with high comfort and fit.

The Rehband Rx Line has over sixty years of experience behind it, from both medical and sport product development teams. All products are based on a close collaboration with athletes around the globe. The Rehband Rx Line is therefore a fantastic choice for those who wish to improve performance and feel safe during workouts.

Features of the Rx Elbow Support
Neoprene construction - gives warmth and increases blood flow
Delivers compression around elbow joint
Patented anatomic construction
Stays in place during workouts
Higher muscle coordination
Increased joint stability
Reduced energy waste
Fast warm-up and retained temperature
Reduced inflammatory reaction and pain relief
Available in 3 colours
Indications of the Rx Elbow Support
The Rehband Rx Elbow Support can be used to aid recovery from the following:

Inflammatory problems
Soft tissue overload
Muscle tears
5mm/3mm SBR/neoprene
Washing Instructions
Mesh laundry bag is recommended
Wash at 40°C with similar colours
Stretch product while wet and let dry

Sold as singles.

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