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Our Heavy Duty Weight-Lifting Platforms that are considered to be ideal for Athletes to perform their necessary heavy explosive power building assistance exercises on.  These platforms are highly recommended as a mandatory floor protection for sports complexes with heavy weight lifting facilities and will also prolong the life of costly Olympic bars and discs.  (N.B. The use of metal discs is not recommended.)

The central wooden section extends to the back of the rack (different depths for the different Pullum Racks) and then from the front of the rack another 2metres.  The width of the platfrom is 3metres outside the rack.  The steel surround is bolted to the rack to ensure that you have the most stable of training areas.

Platform construction:  The centre, 1 metre section, is made from a solid oak layer on a plywood base.  The two wooden sections are joined front to back and dowled to ensure the platforms stay level.

This section is flanked both sides with black reconstituted rubber tiles (solid) 48mm thick with a cruciform finish in 500mm squares.  The platform is then held in place by a ramped sectional steel frame surround. Our default colour for the platform surround is black but we can alter that on request at time of ordering.

The SBR rubber mats are manufactured to our own specification to ensure that the density of the mats optimises the lifting experience. Energy from the drop is returned as approx 1/3 bounce. 1/3 directly into floor and 1/3 through mat and into the wider floor.

We can vary the dimensions of the platform to suit your needs.

We can also add your own logo to the platform if you provide artwork.

Total Width of single platform with ramped surround is 316cm
Total depth of single platform with ramped surround is 216cm

There is an option to add your own logo to all the platform options if you provide artwork. 

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