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Pullum Pro-D Pendulum Squat


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Introducing the fully adjustable Pullum Pendulum Squat Machine, designed and manufactured in the UK.

Is your gym still relying on outdated squat machines? Our Pendulum Squat Machine sets you apart in the fiercely competitive fitness industry. This heavy-duty marvel is more than just equipment; it's an investment in the future of your fitness facility.

Catering to users of all sizes, its robust 100x100mm box construction means this machine delivers exceptional durability and stability; ensuring your gym users can train with complete confidence.

Key Features:
✓ Fully Adjustable Footplate: Our unique pendulum squat design includes an adjustable footplate, accommodating users of all sizes. Set the position and angle based on individual height, enabling precise targeting of different muscle areas – quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

✓ Optimal Muscle Engagement: Say goodbye to generic squats. The Pullum Pendulum Squat Machine allows for personalised adjustments, ensuring optimal muscle engagement. Experience a leg workout like never before, with every movement tailored to your body's needs.

✓ Back-Friendly Design: Replicate the squat movement without straining your lower back. The Pullum Pendulum Squat Machine prioritises safety and comfort, making it the ideal choice for users seeking a lower-impact yet effective exercise experience.

✓ Variable Weight Counterbalance System: Customise your workout with our variable weight counterbalance system. Offset the heavy-duty arm's weight to match your capabilities. Ideal for high-repetition 'drop sets' this feature adds versatility to your strength training routine.

✓ Adjustable Bottom Stop Position: Hit the perfect squat depth every time with the adjustable bottom stop position. Achieve consistent form and maximise the effectiveness of each rep.

✓ Front Pivoting Handgrip: Hassle-free racking with a front pivoting handgrip ensures a seamless transition between sets.

• Overall Length with Counterbalance: 280cm
• Length of Base: 216cm
• Width: 100cm
• Height: 147cm

Why Choose Pullum:
Made in Great Britain
Finance Available
Heavy-Duty Commercial Build Quality
10-Year Warranty

Invest in the best Pendulum Squat Machine in the UK and experience the Pullum difference for yourself - Contact us today for a tailored quote on your gym kit.

Please Note: Pullum kit is made to order. Allow up to 6 weeks for manufacturing time.

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