Pullum Pro-B Elite Hip Thruster Bench


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The Pullum Pro-B Elite Hip Thruster Bench is the best way to perform the hip thrust exercise.

With external band pins, this bench allows the use of resistance bands, loaded bar or a combination of both to create the biggest challenge for the glute muscles.

The Elite Thruster has height adjustable pad and you can vary the pad distance from the built in bar rest.. This is important as the bar rest drops away once the weight is taken off to allow you to train. 

Once you've used the Pullum Elite Hip Thruster you won

Hand-made in the UK from high quality box steel, the Pullum Pro-B Hip Thruster is a standalone unit built to full commercial spec. The fully upholstered built-in bench pad reduces the risk of injury from movement of an unsecured bench.

Available in a range of frame and upholstery colours.

Measurements (LxWxH): 142 x 94 x 43 cm
Product weight: approx. 60kg
Made in Britain
Finance Available
Heavy duty commercial build quality
10 Year Warranty on all steel work.

Please Note: Pullum kit is made to order so please allow 6 weeks for manufacturing time.

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