• Pullum 41" Resistance Bands
  • Pullum 41" Resistance Bands

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    Special Offer - The second band (in a pair) is HALF-PRICE. 

    Ideal for powerlifting, our resistance bands come in seven different pound resistances depending on thickness and width.  The greater the stretching distance of the band while exercising, the greater the resistance load of the band.  All resistance bands are 41 inches long seamless latex rubber constructed in layers to prevent breakage.  Pullum bands have a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.  We will cover any manufacturing defect as long as they haven't been misused and abused.

    Mini (Plain):  5-35 lbs
    Super Mini (Red):  10-50 lbs
    Small (Blue):  25-80 lbs
    Medium (Green):  50-120 lbs
    Large (Black):  60-150 lbs
    XLarge (Orange):  70-175 lbs
    Monster (Plain):  80-200 lbs

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