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A robust and stylish Olympic disc perfect for bench, squat and deadlift work as well as for loading up your disc loading machines.

Disc features:

 - Common diameter for 20,15 and 10kg disc;
 - Rim around edge for easy pick-up;
 - Rubber covered for noise reduction;
 - Flat sided to reduce movement on bar and machines;
 - Raised disc weight indicator (not printed);

Disc Specification:

20kg Disc    - 446mm x 46mm
15kg Disc    - 446mm x 38mm
10kg Disc    - 446mm x 31mm
5kg Disc      - 300mm x 33mm
2.5kg Disc   - 218mm x 30mm
1.25kg Disc - 188mm x 22mm

Sold as singles.

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