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Oni Bukiya - Knee Sleeves XX Pair 2019 - IPF approved


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Put on the ONI Knee Sleeves XX, and STAND on the TOP of the World!
Feel Unstable with your knees’ movement while squatting?

Want to prevent future injuries and protect previous injuries from worsening?

Looking for a strong support in bottom lifting position?

Finally!!! Here we are!

ONI Knee Sleeves XX! The IDEAL CHOICE for you!
Outstanding Support!

A high-grade 7mm neoprene, a material that able to remain flexible and stable over time, provides you with AMPLE STABILITY in the squat, but also to keep the mobility as well.

Especially at the bottom position when you squat, you can feel the INTENSE SUPPORT like A PUMP!

The ONI Knee Sleeves XX is the one that Surprisingly Evolved from ONI Knee Sleeves with the following features below:

1. Hourglass-Shaped

The product has an hourglass-shaped structure with the smallest central circumference.

Compare to the common "slightly tapered" knee sleeves, with Hourglass-shaped, the ONI Knee Sleeves XX squeeze the knee tighter without slippage and provide with added COMPRESSION!

Supply Stiffness and Rigidity, so that your knees won’t come forward while squatting and you can build confidence in your heavy squats!

2.Upgraded Durability

With a high-grade neoprene, that doesn’t stretch out quickly under constant load.

With the improved sewing method, stitching has been reinforced!

With the reinforced stitching, you will get a high-quality durable knee sleeves!

3. Easy to Wear and Take Off

A loose sew keeps the stretch ability, but still fit the quad and calf comfortably.

Therefore, it is very easy to put on and take off compared to other brands.

About Sizing
For you to find the perfect size, the circumference of both calves and the 10cm from the center of the knee position are the Key Measurements.

Our Sizing Table is in a little loose fit.

Please check out the Sizing Table, we strongly recommend you to try it at a physical store before purchasing.

How to wear the ONI Knee Sleeves XX
To wear the sleeves at the proper fitting position, the Second Cross Point should be fixed at the Center of your Knees.

How to put on tight knee sleeves

Use Dead Lift Socks (High Socks) to slide the knee sleeves on.

It is better that you practice with putting on the knee sleeves with Dead Lift socks (High Socks), due to that using Plastic Bags for wearing and taking off is not allowed in competitions.

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