Oni Bukiya - Wrist Wraps XX - IPF Approved

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IPF Approved

Available in 70 or 99 cm length

Proprietary stiff XX material - Provides maximum support without cutting into your wrists.
Reverse side non-slip rubber - Prevents the loose fit usually found with stiff material wrist wraps. Prevents the wraps from slipping and provides the perfect fit.
Maximum Stability

70 cm: Athletes who bench more than 200kg

99cm: Athletes who bench more than 300kg, especially for those who compete in equipped bench press.

Product Specifications:
Width: 8cm
Size: 70cm, 99cm (the length of the Velcro is included; length tolerance (2-3 cm) occurs due to the elasticity of the fabric)

Able to be used for all powerlifting and bench press competitions.

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