Lifting Large - Ground Lock Deadlift Slippers


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Approved in ALL powerlifting federations
We started designing this slipper in June of 2018, and after going through many designs and many manufacturers, we finally found the perfect design and fit for
both sumo and conventional pullers.
These will fit wide feet.
2 people at Lifting Large have 4E width feet. They fit both of their feet as the velcro straps make them very adjustable

We tested over 10 designs and refused 9 of them because we wouldn't use them on the platform.

Our new manufacturer is creating our new slipper with incredible consistency and super high quality.

It is now a product that Lifting Large can be extremely proud of.

Two, wide velcro side-straps to create more lateral support for sumo pullers
Long straps for the high arched lifters and a tighter fit
Completely flat, no heel rise
Aggressive rubber bottom for grip in any direction
Covered toe for more overall shoe strength and durability
Removable insert to get you as close to the floor as possible
Sole less than 4mm thick (-1/8") with insert removed. 3/16" with the insert

* 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects to the original owner with proof of purchase

Price is for a pair

If you don't like a snug fit go up 1 size.

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