Ivanko Rubber Dumbbells (Rub/EPR)

Ivanko Rubber Dumbbells (Rub/EPR)

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• IVANKO RUB rubber-encased plates, average weight + or -2%.
• Closer to actual weight of each size plate, or competition is +/- 5% at best.
• RUB plates have a machine drilled hole.
• Excellent fit for CDH handles, eliminates plate wear and handle damage. No slop due to oversize hole like the competition.
• IVANKO rubber encased plates use no recycled rubber.
• Never needs painting, won't damage floors or equipment, safe, reduces noise, low maintenance.
• IVANKO CDH handles are 1-piece, drop forged steel with IVANKO custom knurling.
• Stronger, tougher handle and knurling is deep for a sure, safe grip.
• CBBH/CBZH handle with 100% thread depth to fit up to 2-1/2" bolts.
• By threading the handle 100%, the 2-1/2" bolt can bite onto more threads providing a better, stronger bond between the handle and the bolt.
• Rubber EPR end caps completely cover the rubber plates and they have a mold recessed area built in for the brass numbers.

Available from 6kg to 70kg in 2kg increments.

Sold in sets.

Set 1 - 6kg to 30kg   - 13 Pairs
Set 2 - 32kg to 50kg - 10 Pairs
Set 3 - 52kg to 60kg - 5 pairs
Set 4 - 62kg to 70kg - 5 pairs

Dumbbells ordered in please allow approx 10 weeks for delivery.

Dumbbell Rack available as an extra within Storage. Call or e-mail for individual dumbbells prices.

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