• IronMind The Stacker
  • IronMind The Stacker

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    The Stacker, a retro and seemingly innocent grip device, first introduced in IronMind's 1992 catalog, is back in action. This plate-loading grip-wrist-forearm challenger allows you to simulate Hermann Goerner's brick lifts: with multiple bricks stacked crosswise on the bottom brick, he'd grab the free end with his thumb on top and fingers underneath and lift the whole pile of bricks. Edgar Mueller, Goerner's biographer, estimated the total weight of the bricks to be 40 kg (88 lb.)

    Try Goerner's lift with a mere 25 lb. (watch out for your feet!) and then tell us you think old-time strongmen were just a bunch of wimps. Stack some plates on the Stacker, as little or as much weight as you'd like, and if you train hard and smart on it, it will be your secret weapon for complete strength from elbow to fingertips.

    Uses standard plates only (not included); loading surface is 8".

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