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IronMind - SUPER SQUATS® Hip Belt


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Get bigger, jump higher, pull harder. The SUPER SQUATS Hip Belt is versatile and effective:

The belt squat offers unique advantages, especially for weightlifters and powerlifters. It focuses on leg and hip strength without straining the back or compressing the spine. Athletes with back, shoulder, or elbow issues find it valuable since it avoids upper body involvement.

One major benefit is the emphasis on hip extension. The belt's position engages glutes for every exercise. It's akin to leg press or hack squat, yet gentler on the spine while retaining stability and balance benefits of barbell squats.

Belt squatting promotes a vertical spine reducing discomfort. Adding a kettlebell reinforces this posture. Whether you're dealing with injuries, sparing the spine or pursuing intense leg workouts, the belt squat proves versatile and effective.

Key Points:

  • • Spare your back: squat without loading up your spine or your lower back
  • • Focus the effort on your legs
  • • Squat safely: the weight is always under you
  • • Efficient: it's a tough move so a little weight goes a long way
  • • Increase your vertical jump
  • • Keep training your legs if you have an arm or shoulder injury
  • • Portable, for travel or going to the gym
  • • Wide range of lifts: squats, weighted chins, weighted dips, calf exercises, hip lifts, pulling and dragging
  • • 5,000 lb. maximum strength

How To Use:

Straddle a short bar, clipping in front and back, or hang the weight just in the front--either way, the SUPER SQUATS Hip Belt allows you to squat unencumbered by a bar on your shoulders. And there is zero back stress--on either your spine or on your lower back--because the weight is borne by your hip structure.

Belts are adjustable within about a 6" range, so please go by your actual waist size (not pants size) to obtain the best-fitting belt. Comes with a pair of Daisy Chains and two Large Carabiners. (Bar and loading pin not included.)

Adjustable in 3 sizes based on actual waist (not pants) size:

  • • Small/Medium: 26"- 35" waist
  • • Large/XL: 36"- 42" waist
  • • 2X-large: 43"+ waist

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