• IronMind Go-Really-Grip™ Machine
  • IronMind Go-Really-Grip™ Machine

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    Get go-rilly strong! Work one or two hands at a time with this state-of-the-art plate-loading grip machine:

    • smooth-tracking frame
    • comfortable, no-pinch handles protect the soft tissue of your hand
    • handle spacing allows for greater range of motion
    • 12" Olympic loading pin (good for as much weight as you can stack on it!)
    • If grip strength is important to you, you'll want one. How do you compare:

    180 lb. - average
    270 lb. - accomplished
    360 lb. - world-class

    12" loading pin takes Olympic plates (not included); weighs 50 lb.; crinkle finish.

    This item is to order only, please allow 2 to 3 weeks.

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