• IronMind Daisy Chains
  • IronMind Daisy Chains

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    These super-tough nylon loops - called daisy chains - come with our Super Squats Hip Belt and are used for attaching the weight to the belt.  Eminently useful, a pair of daisy chains can be the connecting link between all manner of training devices and weight.  Hang chains or weights from barbells, hook up a chain or rope to your pulling harness, or hold a workout stretch band in place.  Pair it up with a carabiner (heavy-duty clip) or use the simple bale hitch to make a strong solid connection that will hold 2 000 lbs with ease.  Yellow loops are about 4 inches, the red loop is about 7 inches, and the overall length is 19 inches. 

    Bar and carabiner not included.

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