• Iron Woody Fitness 41" Resistance Bands
  • Iron Woody Fitness 41" Resistance Bands

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    We offer the Woody Bands in eight different pound resistances depending on thickness and width.  The greater the stretching distance of the band while exercising, the greater the resistance load of the band.  All resistance bands are 41 inches long, seamless latex rubber constructed in layers to prevent breakage.  Woody Bands™ have a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.  We will cover any manufacturing defect as long as they haven't been misused and abused.

    The Yellow Pilates Bands are the thinest version of the 41" Iron Woody Fitness Band. These Pilates Bands are great for warming up and stretching. They can be used before your training as a warm up band.  Because of it's low resistance it is great for beginner band users as well as women and children training to become stronger.

    The Purple  Mini Band is the original Iron Woody Fitness Band.  This band offers a resistance of 5lb to 35lb of pressure at maximum stretch.  The Mini Band is used for warming up, push up exercises, as well as a great beginner band for benching and squatting exercises.  At 5mm thick it is the gold standard in the industry for being the thickest made band on the market. It's durability and quality lasts.

    The Red Super Mini Bands are still the Gold Standard of the industry at 5mm thick this bands also offers a resistance of 10lb to 50lbs of pressure at maximum yield.  Great for all around training, they can be used for push ups, bicep curls, squatting, benching, chest presses, one arm rows, etc. This band is the most versatile band that Iron Woody offers.

    The Blue Small Band is a great for band exercises such as: pull ups, push ups, squatting, benching, tricep pushdowns, dumbbell flys, overhead squats, etc.  This band is for people who have used bands before and are comfortable with moving to the next level.  However, if you haven't used bands before this band will help speed up your training because of the bands overall strength.  It will assist you and make you stronger faster.

    The  Green Medium bands are great bands for serious power lifters and strength lifters.  With a resistance pressure ranging from 50lbs to 120lbs this band has a lot of low end torque that put strain on every muscle fiber you have. This is why these bands were made for the serious at heart power and weight lifters. These bands can be used more benching, squatting, dead lifting, pull ups, good mornings, and just about any other dynamic power lifting exercise.

    The "Original Big Band", the Black Large Iron Woody Fitness Band offers 60lbs to 150lbs of yield at maximum stretch.  This band is not to be used as a toy, or used by the light hearted.  This band is for some serious weight lifting, but more for the heavy hearted weight lifter.

    The Orange XLarge Bands has a ridiculous output of 70lbs to 175lbs of pressure at maximum yield.  This band is meant for benching, squatting, and dynamic style lifting. This is a great training tool for quarter, half, and 3/4 type movements for benching.

    The Red Monster Band also known as "Big Red" is as big as they come!  With a crazy band tension score ranging from 80lbs to 200lbs of resistance at maximum yield.  Many have tried to use it and failed.  Enjoy this marvellously, ridiculously, mammoth, sized band.

    #0 Teal Pilates Band: 2 lbs - 15 lbs
    #1  Purple Mini Band: 5 lbs - 35 lbs
    #2  Red Super Mini Band: 10 lbs - 50 lbs
    #3  Blue Small Band: 25 lbs - 80 lbs
    #4  Green Medium Band: 50 lbs - 120 lbs
    #5  Black Large Band: 60 lbs - 150 lbs
    #6  Orange Extra Large Band: 70 lbs - 175 lbs
    #7  Red Monster Band: 80 lbs - 200 lbs

    Sold as singles.

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