• Iron Woody Fitness 20" Resistance Bands
  • Iron Woody Fitness 20" Resistance Bands

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    20” bands were developed for a need for high performance resistance loop bands.  Although there are many "fit loop bands" out there, there was not one that was specifically developed for both the athletic and rehabilitation purposes.

    The 20” bands come in five separate levels of resistance.  This allows for both a progression in rehabilitation plus athletic endeavours.  These bands can also be used for powerlifting applications, including lockouts, deadlifts and other short stroke training techniques.  In addition they can be connected to a regular 41” band in the case of taller individuals needing a longer loop.

    Because all bands are 0.125" thick and made out of 100% pure latex rubber, their durability, strength and memory is far superior to any existing fit-loop band in the industry.  You'll have a higher performance band that you won't have to replace every few workouts.

    #1  Purple Mini Band: 4 lbs - 10 lbs
    #2  Red Super Mini Band: 8 lbs - 16 lbs
    #3  Blue Small Band: 12 lbs - 24 lbs
    #4  Green Medium Band: 14 lbs - 28 lbs
    #5  Black Large Band: 16 lbs - 34 lbs

    Sold as singles.

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