Eleiko EVA Belt - Strong Blue


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Comfortable Support
Quick to Adjust
Secure Hold

The EVA Belt provides exceptional support for your core to help you get the most from your big lifts. The comfortable belt features a strong hook and loop fastening with a smart quick-release stainless steel buckle for easy adjustments and quick on/off during workouts.

Designed For: The 3.75" / 9,5 CM belt is ideal for weightlifting and functional fitness providing the right level of support for all kinds of training and lifting including squats, cleans, snatches, and deadlifts. Suitable for competition use.

Comfortable Support: The belt is constructed from EVA, a soft and flexible yet supportive material

Quick Release: Hook and loop closure and quick-release buckle allows for quick on/off

Secure Hold: Quick locking stainless steel mechanism locks belt into place and is easy to adjust


To find the correct size, measure around your waist where the lifting belt will be worn, generally around the belly button is a good place to start.

(PLEASE NOTE: measurements are NOT based on pant size so be sure to measure!).

BIGGEST SIZE (when having it on) SMALLEST SIZE (when having it on)
XS 29" / 75 cm 26" / 67 cm
Small 32" / 81 cm 29" / 73 cm
Medium 34" / 87 cm 31" / 79 cm
Large 36" / 93 cm 33" / 85 cm
XL 39" / 99 cm 36" / 91 cm
2XL 41" / 104 cm 38" / 96 cm

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