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We Design, Install and Support.

Bespoke manufacturing made in Britain

We own our own design, testing and manufacturing facility based in Leighton Buzzard, UK. We are in full control of our own production and processes, meaning we are able to offer a level of product choice, quality and flexibility that is unrivalled in the industry.

Pullum have been supplying high quality Strength & Conditioning equipment and accessories since 1907. Whether you are looking to equip a whole gym, improve your own fitness, strength, or compete on the world stage, Pullum is here for you.

For the gym, we offer a wide range of professional gym machines, racks, benches and storage solutions. All Pullum gym equipment is designed, manufactured and built by the Pullum team here in the uk.

Our industry knowledge and experience results in robust, safe and easy to use equipment. We are able to modify an item to better suit your specific needs. With us custom does not mean expensive, but it does mean you get exactly what you want.

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Design & Engineering

Pullum have experienced design and engineering teams that will work on the design and layout of your facility. The fitness industry is very competitive with facilities opening every day, so we understand how critical it is to your business to have a custom solution that stands out from the rest.

We support our customers throughout the whole gym design process, from initial thoughts and concepts to installation.

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