IronMind Official Loading Pins


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t's an easy way to hold a stack of barbell plates that you want to attach to anything from a Rolling Thunder to a De Rigueur Dipping Belt. First offered in 1990, IronMind's loading pins have been a basic part of many workouts ever since.

The Standard loading pin is 12" long and 1" in diameter and takes standard plates.

The Olympic loading pin is 15" long and takes Olympic plates.

Comes with Carabiner Clip.


*Loading pin is required for:
Rolling Thunder Revolving Deadlift Handle
Hub-style Pinch Gripper
Blockbuster Pinch Grip Block
One Wicked Wrist Roller
Little Big Horn
Outer Limits Loops
Claw Curl

Loading pin is recommended for:
Twist Yo' Wrist
De Rigueur Dipping Belt
Headstrap Fit for Hercules
Eagle Loops

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