Pullum - Pro Adjustable Pulling Blocks


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What lifters call 'the second pull' is a fundamental movement in a lot of power sports and one way to put some rocket fuel in your second pull is to work from pulling blocks. Try doing snatches, cleans and pulls from blocks and you will see what we mean. Our Pulling Blocks were designed not to just to be brutally strong, but also to give you different heights to train from.

When you need to adjust your starting height for weight training, then you need the Pullum Pulling Blocks. Steel Construction with a rubber top to protect your discs. Our standard set will adjust from 30cm to 48 cm off the ground.

The height range can be altered within reason.

Steel plate with rubber to protect you discs. Suitable for repetitive training with heavy weights.

Each block measures measure 50cm x 35cm with steel lips to prevent discs rolling off.

Made to Order please allow up to 6 weeks.

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