Pullum Pro-D Pendulum Squat


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Pullum have launched their fully adjustable Pendulum Squat. This is a machine that needs to be big to ensure users of all sizes can train with confidence, Using 100x100mm box at the core we have delivered and then some.

The Pullum Pendulum Squat offers an incredible way to work your legs. With our unique adjustable footplate users can set the position for their own height and adjust the footplate angle. These small changes allow users to get it just right for their own physique and allow them to train so as to target various areas of quads / glutes and hamstrings.

The movement replicates the squat but removes the pressure from the lower back and only a small amount of weight is needed to create a high level of resistance. With our variable weight counterbalance users can offset the weight of the heavy duty arm and so work to their own capabilities. High rep ‘drop sets’ are perfect on the Pendulum Squat.

Adjustable bottom stop position allows you to hit the perfect depth each rep.

Front pivoting handgrip ensures easy racking.

Overall length with Counterbalance - 280cm

Length of base - 216cm

Width - 100cm

Height - 147cm

Made in Britain
Finance Available
Heavy duty commercial build quality
10 Year Warranty

Please Note: Pullum kit is made to order so please allow up to 6 weeks for manufacturing time.

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