• IronMind Egg
  • IronMind Egg

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    Good for active rest, or white-knuckle maxs, our new IronMind Egg is the one-stop solution for what to squeeze, no matter which finger(s) you want to target.  Approachable, versatile and effective, the IronMind Egg takes all the advantages of the classic sponge rubber ball but adds twenty-first century technology plus IronMind Grip-Tech to give you an egg-ceptionally great gripper.  Whether your goal is a strong grip, pain-free hands, or both, the IronMind Egg is the key ingredient in your recipe for success.

    The Egg is perfect for:
    - warming up and/or cooling down when you are training with your Captains of Crush Grippers
    - enjoying active rest, to speed up recovery in between your heavy training sessions
    - working off your nervous energy, thinking more clearly, or maybe even lowering your blood pressure during the day
    - developing and delivering that python-like squeeze, capable of closing a No. 3 or No. 4 CoC Gripper

    Easy on the fingers, with nothing to jolt your joints, scrape your skin, or squish the soft tissue in your hand, the Egg allows for a gentle approach, but it can also take the toughest squeeze from any gripster on the planet.  At work and at home, keep your IronMind Egg close by for the therapeutic squeezes that are good for your mind, body and soul.              

    Available in 2 strengths:
    Green (more give, softer)
    Blue (moderately firm)

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