Pullum Drop-In Grappler/Landmine


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A single station grappler or wrestling trainer.  Heavy duty joints to allow for some heavy training.  

Brilliantly versatile, portable and easy to store. Great for use outdoors, in garage gyms or CrossFit Boxes.

Grapplers are great for developing strength, upper body training and range of motion - all you need are a few Bumper Plates and any Standard Olympic Bar! Designed to pivot 180 degrees and rotate 360 degrees with smooth fluid motion, this simple but stylish, effective and reliable piece of kit is a great new addition to the Pullum catalogue!


  • Multi-directional swivel allows you to do rotational exercises, presses & pulls. 
  • Great for building Core Strength, Stability, Rotational Strength and Upper Body Mobility 
  • Up to 8 mm steel
  • Fully Powder Coated (Black)

Length: 63 cm 

Width: 10cm

Weight: 5kg

Price excludes bar & discs

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