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The RAMroller is one of the most durable and versatile exercise implements available. This weighted rubber cylinder was designed originally for resisted movement exercises, high intensity training, core training, slams, throws, squats, twists, sit ups and everything in between. The RAMroller can also be used as a world class roller for myfascial release and Fascial Integration Training.

"What makes the RAMroller unique is that it combines 3 main functions into one long lasting training tool, making it ideal for what we call Fascial Integration Training."

Recent research has shown that when designing training programmes, the fascial system must be considered in addition to the muscular system and the nervous system. To see real improvements, one must train the fascia over a long period of time, through rolling, rythmic resisted movements, and explosive, plyometric type exercises. With the RAMroller, you can do all of this with just one tool, both indoors or outdoors, in any weather conditions. By engaging in Fascial Integration Training, what you will ultimately achieve a more resilient body, ready for what ever challenges life of sport throws at you.

The RAMroller is made from rubber so will keep its shape and stand up to heavy use. This leads to huge cost savings. Perfect for individual training but also for group exercise. Available in 4 weights so users can work in their comfort zone or push themselves!

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