Pullum Pro-B Flat/Decline Bench (Compact)


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Our New Compact FLAT/DECLINE Weights Bench

The Pullum Pro-B Flat/Decline Bench is an extremely robust, fully adjustable bench that can pivot from flat to -30 degrees. Bench pivots from the shoulder position to make getting onto and off the bench easier (lower).

The leg rollers allow you to hold yourself in position, while the tapered bench provides a comfortable platform to lift from.

Hand-made in the UK from high quality box steel, the professionally stitched upholstery and a powder-coated frame mean it can handle the toughest of environments, comes with wheels to make it easy to move around the gym.

Available in a range of frame and upholstery colours.

Measurements (LxWxH): 163 x 59 x 45cm  Pad is 123cm x 40cm reducing to 30cm at the head.

Product weight: approx. 45kg
Made in Britain
Finance Available
Heavy duty commercial build quality
Wheels for easy transportation

Flat position through to a decline of 30°
10 Year Warranty

Please Note: Pullum kit is made to order so please allow up to 6 weeks for manufacturing time.

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