Titan Super Katana Bench Shirt


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The Titan Super Katana features Titan's improved IPF approved collar design.

It's wider, heavier, and cut lower for greatly improved performance.

The new lower cut neck reduces likelihood of the shirt riding up and putting pressure on the neck while the increased width and thickness of the collar acts as an energy band to create more resistance and store more energy than regular Katana's.

These two simple changes produce a huge improvement in performance.

Rounding out the Super Katana is the patent pending torque sleeve design combined with the new NXG Super Plus material. This new material is 26% thicker and stronger than the older NXG+ material. The result is double-ply power in an IPF approved single ply shirt.

The Super Katana will take your benches to new heights.

The Straight Sleeve version is for flat benchers, and the Angled Sleeve is for arched benchers, and both are backed by an unmatched guarantee that’s as tough as you are.

2 years on blowout plus an 18 month "No Run" guarantee.

Have a look at our Titan Shirt Sizing Guide to make sure that you choose the right size shirt.

Note:  We only stock black shirts.

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