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The Titan Fury Bench Shirt was introduced in July 2002 and revolutionized powerlifting. 

Until mid 2002 all bench shirts were based upon the forward sleeve design developed and patented by designer Gabriele Knecht.

Titan set out to change that It featured a radically different design that initially drew chuckles and even criticism from hard core fans of the existing shirt design – until the records started falling.

The Fury’s 90 degree hemispherical sleeves store energy as soon as the elbows are cracked and the bar descent begins. More energy storage (resistance) means more explosive power and bigger benches.

This innovation allows a lifter to adjust the shirt to dial in more or less power.  Pull the shirt up and it would reduce energy storage.  Pull it down and create more energy storage. Twist or torque the sleeves in and more energy could be stored.

The Titan Fury is the most copied shirt design in powerlifting history and features Titan's NXG Plus fabric and a dynamic stretch back.

The Fury for flat benchers is backed by an unmatched guarantee that’s as tough as you are.

1 year on blowouts plus an 18 month "No Run" guarantee.

Have a look at the Titan Shirt Sizing Guide to make sure that you choose the right size shirt.

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