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Oni Bukiya - 焔 -HOMURA- Benchpress Shirt 2019 - IPF approved


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SPARK your POWER with the HOMURA Bench Press Shirt and BREAK the LIMIT!
Are you bothered by a lack of RESISTANCE of bench shirts?

Do you find the bench shirts’ collars to be too tight, leading to choking?

Are you looking for an advanced bench press shirt to break records?

You are in luck!!

The newly-released Homura Bench Press Shirt is the next generation in bench shirt technology.

Remarkable resistance!

Our specialized material is far stiffer than one used in other bench shirts, and the unique high-energy design of the Homura Bench Press Shirt provides an unparalleled level of resistance! The Homura is the first bench press shirt to be made in Japan, and has been developed in conjunction with 18-time Bench Press world champion Daiki Kodama. This unique shirt features:

1. Outstanding Stiff Fabric
Unlike normal T-shirts, bench press shirts are made of extremely firm fabrics.

To generate more resistance, we originally developed the pretty stiffer fabric than other fabrics used in bench shirts. Therefore, the HOMURA Bench Press Shirt creates more resistance and assists more than any other bench shirts!

2. Comfy Fitting
The collar part is Wider and Lower than other bench shirts so that you won’t be bothered by choking.

Besides, you can keep your arch higher and concentrate more on your movement so that you are able to reach your best performance easier without being bothered by the tightness of the collar part!

3. Tighter Sleeves
HOMURA has tighter sleeves so that you do not have to alter the size of sleeves much by yourselves unlike other bench press shirts!

Plus, the tighter sleeve design makes lessen stress around the sleeve base at the same time.

Therefore, you will feel more STABLE while bench pressing especially at the Bottom Position!

Daiki Kodama, 18times World Champion of Bench press, talks the feature of HOMURA Bench press Shirt.

Product Specifications
Material: Polyester 100%

Size: 2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL

Colour: Black

Available in all Equipped Powerlifting and Bench Press Competitions from Local to International. (IPF approved)

About Sizing
There is a Size Compatibility Chart compared with another brand (T brand) with ONI brand.

XS 36
Small 38
Medium 40
Large 42
XL 44
2XL 46
3XL 48
4XL 50

Body Part: Almost the Same size

Sleeves Part: ONI brand’s are equivalent to one size smaller from T brand’s

*Qualifications of Sizing

1.The Size Chart is only a comparison of the size of the product itself; thus, we cannot guarantee that the size notation of HOMURA and T brand shirts are completely compatible.

2.We cannot give any advice on the sizing of bench press shirts. Because it varies in size depending on personal experience, form and the weight that you deal with.

How to wear the shirt with tight sleeves
Wrap a Plastic Bag around your forearm then slide the sleeves on.

How to wash
Please separate it from other laundries and wash it with a low pressure of water at a solution temperature of 30 degrees or less.

After washing, please dry it in a place with no exposure of sunlight.

*Please do avoid Tumble-Drying, Bleaching, Ironing and Dry-cleaning.

Training with the Bench Shirt could be very DANGEROUS!

During the practice, please do raise the safety bar position higher than your face and neck and let 3 spotters spot for you.

This is an item that is extremely likely to cause injuries or damages. We are not liable for any harm that may occur through the use of this product.

There may be a manufacturing tolerance of about 1-2 cm even the products are mentioned as the same size.

The colour of the actual product might be different from the product image through the screen.

The logos printed on the product may be misaligned or distorted.

When you are using the HOMURA Benchpress Shirt, the safety arms must be enough high position with some spotters. We are not responsible for any trouble that may occur.

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