IronMind - SUPER SQUATS® Hip Belt


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SGet bigger, jump higher, pull harder. The SUPER SQUATS Hip Belt is versatile and effective:

  • spare your back: squat without loading up your spine or your lower back
  • focus the effort on your legs
  • squat safely: the weight is always under you
  • efficient: it's a tough move so a little weight goes a long way
  • increase your vertical jump
  • keep training your legs if you have an arm or shoulder injury
  • portable, for travel or going to the gym
  • wide range of lifts: squats, weighted chins, weighted dips, calf exercises, hip lifts, pulling and dragging
  • 5,000 lb. maximum strength


Straddle a short bar, clipping in front and back, or hang the weight just in the front--either way, the SUPER SQUATS Hip Belt allows you to squat unencumbered by a bar on your shoulders. And there is zero back stress--on either your spine or on your lower back--because the weight is borne by your hip structure.

Belts are adjustable within about a 6" range, so please go by your actual waist size (not pants size) to obtain the best-fitting belt. Comes with a pair of Daisy Chains and two Large Carabiners. (Bar and loading pin not included.)

Adjustable in 5 sizes based on actual waist (not pants) size:

  • Small: 26"-30" waist
  • Small/Medium: 26"-35" waist
  • Large: 36"-41" waist
  • X-large: 42"-50" waist
  • 2X-large: 51"-60" waist

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