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The Eleiko XF Bar is a quality bar specifically designed for tough, repetitive, high-intensity exercise.

The same steel as in Eleiko's Weightlifting Competition Bars:
Eleiko XF Bar is manufactured with the same quality Swedish steel as their world famous competition bars.  This steel mixture has an unmatched durability, perfect flexibility and a strength of 215 000 PSI.  This means that it takes 215 000 pounds per square inch to break the bar.  The mean values for Olympic barbells on the market range from 130 000 to 150 000 PSI.  Experience shows that barbells with a value below 190 000 PSI become permanently bent with time.

With the same needle bearings as Eleiko's competition bars:
The bearings in the sleeve are a mixture of needle bearings and plain bearings.  The same needle bearings and details that are found in the Eleiko Olympic WL Competition Bar.  The result is smooth and synchronised rotation - resulting in the renowned " Eleiko Feeling".

The same sleeves as Eleiko's Competition Bars:
The sleeves are hard chromed in the same way as our competition bars.

Knurling designed for many repetitions:
To spare the hands after many repetitions the knurling is slightly softer than on other Eleiko bars.  Compared with the corresponding bars designed for high-intensity training the knurling on the Eleiko XF Bar still regarded as fixed.

Chrome finish:
The Eleiko XF Training Bar is finished with a durable chrome surface that retains its fine finish year in and year out.

Hybrid markings for multifaceted training:
To feel as good as an Olympic lifter in both the deadlift and the bench press, the Eleiko XF Bar features both the weightlifting grip and the powerlifting grip.

 Mens XF bar with 28mm grip, 2200mm length and weight of 20kg.  
- Womens (Ladies/Woman) XF bar with 25mm grip, 2010mm length and weight of 15kg.

Warranty terms and conditions:
To be dropped on protected floor, recommended Eleiko Platform.  Not to be stored loaded on a rack.  Indoor use only.  Normal wear and tear does not fall under warranty.

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