Eleiko Vulcano Solid Rubber Dumbbell Set


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Eleiko Vulcano is a new, exciting product series for gym training.

The design in silver and lava black harmonizes well with gym surroundings and well thought-out-functions make the training so much more enjoyable.

The dumbbells in the Vulcano series have weights covered in a hardwearing material that is gentle to the floor and keeps it's new look considerably longer than rubber.

Moreover the dumbbells are completely "quiet" - when being used as well as when they are taken to and from the dumbbell rack.

The Eleiko Vulcano dumbbells consist of a chromed and knurled metal handle with weights of polyurethane covered metal cores.

The Eleiko Vulcano Rubber Dumbbells available from 1kg to 10kg in 1kg increments and 12kg to 40kg in 2kg increments.

Sold in sets.

Set 1 - 1 to 10kg - 10 Pairs
Set 2 - 12kg to 20kg - 5 Pairs
Set 3 - 22kg to 30kg - 5 pairs
Set 4 - 32kg to 40kg -5 pairs

Dumbbells ordered in please allow approx 4 weeks for delivery.

Dumbbell Rack available as an extra within Storage. Call or e-mail for individual dumbbells prices.

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