ELEIKO Loadable Dumbbell Set - 40kg


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Balanced Knurling (1.2)
28 mm Diameter
Flexible Training Set

Eleiko loadable dumbbell set conveniently package everything needed to build a versatile, space-saving training tool. With a loadable dumbbell, weight can be easily adapted to suit training needs and adjusted in smaller increments so lifters can progress more naturally.

Set Includes: Two loadable dumbbells, four collars, and a range change plates to give you flexibility in finding the right training loads.

Built to Bar Specs: Built on the specs of our XF bars, the 28 mm shaft, tensile strength and 1.0 knurling

Sleeve Construction: 50mm sleeve features both bushings and bearings for smooth controlled rotation

Standard Weights: Compatible with any plate designed for a standard barbell, smaller change plates 5 kg / 10 lb and under are recommended

Max Load: Up to 40 kg / 88 lb per dumbbell, collar size can impact plate capacity.

2 x Eleiko Loadable Dumbbell 5 kg / 11 lbs
4 x Eleiko Change Plate Black - 1,25 kg
4 x Eleiko Change Plate Black - 2,5 kg
12 x Eleiko Change Plate Black - 5 kg
2 x Eleiko Öppen Collars - pair


Bought in to order so please allow approx. 4 weeks for delivery.


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