Pullum Bomb Grip Dumbbell

Pullum Bomb Grip Dumbbell

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Use this unique dumbbell to build hand and wrist strength that is out of this world.  Use it for all sorts of exercises including dumbbell rows, curls, wrist work, farmers walks, cleans and more and watch your grip and wrists soar to new levels of power.  Great for strongmen, arm-wrestlers, boxers, mixed martial artists and any other athlete that is trying to maximize his/her training and get the edge over the competition.

The default is 1" loading pins but available with 2" pin.  We recommend the use of compression collars with our 2" loading pins.  Available with 60mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm ball/grip size.  

Please let us know which ball size and loading pin size you require.

Sold as singles not as a pair.

Discs not included.

Please Note: Pullum kit is made to order so please allow up to 6 weeks for manufacturing time.

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