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    • Anatomically designed for fit and comfort.
    • Double closure system and heavy duty steel slide bar buckle.
    • Lightweight Neoprene and Nylon construction.
    • Super-strong and extended length re-enforced Velcro fastening.
    • Quick and easy on and off access.
    • 14cm width back support.

    KINETIC RX PRO, is a cutting edge portfolio of Functional Fitness products with a difference. Our difference is Quirky, Functional, Technical and Kick Ass products that will bring out the fun-loving side in the serious athlete in you.

    Designed and born out of years of experience with a leading Swedish brand in body supports, our products have evolved to bring you improved features and benefits at affordable prices, giving you everything you need to achieve your personal best.

    Our ethos is to continually be thinking INSIDE and OUTSIDE the BOX to bring you, new designs with limited edition prints, ensuring our designs remain fresh and our customers remain exclusive. We don’t believe in following trends, we believe in creating them!

    Preventing spine flexion during sports such as weightlifting is important to prevent strains and injuries from occurring. The Kinetic RX Pro WOD Full Length Fitness Belt is designed for precisely that type of protection. Fitting securely around the waist, the full length belt has a strong Velcro fastening to prevent it from coming undone and is constructed using lightweight neoprene and nylon for additional comfort. Anatomically designed to fit the body, the Kinetic RX Pro Fitness Belt is supplied in three bold designs to add a little fun to your routine.

    Features of the Kinetic RX Pro WOD Full Length Fitness Belt:3/4 length belt for support

    • Anatomical design for both fit and comfort
    • 3/4 length belt for support
    • Double closure system with a heavy duty steel slide bar buckle to securely fit at all times
    • Lightweight yet highly durable due to the Neoprene and Nylon construction
    • Secure thanks to the extended length Velcro fastening
    • Fastening designed to be super-strong to prevent it from undoing
    • Velcro fastening means access both on and off is quick and easy
    • 14cm width back support to stop spine flexion

        INCHES         CM
M      33 - 38            83 - 96
L       36 - 42            91 - 107

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